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Term Life

Life insurance

Life insurance is the foundation of most financial plans and can do everything from replacing the paycheck of the bread winner who dies too early or supplementing the income of the investor who lives a long time.

Depending on the need that is being covered by the life insurance policy, there are many products and ways to fund them. Paying down the mortgage, replacing family income, guaranteeing funds for a college education, providing money to continue a business, funding for retirement and creating liquidity in an estate are all common uses for life insurance. With such varied uses, it is no wonder that there are so many different products each designed to work best to fill certain needs. From term to whole life to universal life to indexed universal life, we are here to help you pick the best products to meet the exact needs of your clients.

The Chittendens offer products from the industry’s highest-rated and most competitive life carriers. You can review our carriers and their ratings by going to that tab on our website. The products only tell half the story. It is our experience, knowledge and special underwriting programs that allow us to help you take these products and mold them to fit the needs of your clients. Be it a super preferred risk need, a highly impaired risk need or anywhere in between, our sales team has extensive experience in the life marketplace and will provide complete case design along with professional support through out the entire case – quote to application to policy. Additionally, our electronic tools and other resources will help you be more efficient and valuable to your clients.

We always encourage you to call us and discuss the particulars of any case that may have unique factors, medically or otherwise. We also offer several web tools for your convenience. These include online formsunderwriting requirementsonline quoting engine and online applicationsfor some carriers. We give you the options to have us run the quotes for you or allow you to run them yourself.

At The Chittendens our job is to make your job easier by providing support and expertise.