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Disability/Critical Illness Insurance

No one likes to think about what their life would be like when they are sick or hurt and unable to work. As an Insurance and/or financial professional, it is your responsibility that they do!

Disability planning, which should include both DI and CI insurance considerations, is a key component of any sound financial and risk management plan. When your client loses the ability to work, their dreams for the future are imperiled. How will the bills be paid, what happens to their home, will the children still be able to go to college, will they be able to enjoy a secure retirement? The questions are as numerous and varied as the individual situations your client will face. No two people are alike and no two disabilities are either! For your clients who need their income to survive, disability insurance and Critical Illness insurance will be big part of the solution.

If you do disability planning for your clients, then Critical Illness Insurance, or CI, needs to be considered an integral part of any complete Disability Insurance Plan. Unlike DI, CI is a lump sum payment normally made upon diagnosis of a covered condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, major burns, blindness, deafness, accidental loss of speech and several other serious conditions. CI provides that “upfront money” your client will need to seek the very best treatment solution available and still have the financial peace of mind that they are not required to spend down assets to get treatment.

We at The Chittendens are uniquely positioned to support your efforts in this marketplace. We know the market and the options. By pairing our expertise with the top insurance Carriers in the DI and CI insurance market, we offer unequaled access to what you need to successfully marketing DI and CI to your clients.

Visit our DI/CI Articles & Links page to read what some of the financial experts are saying about these products. Finding solutions to meet your clients’ budgets now and protect their financial needs in the future can be complicated. Knowing all the options which are provided from highly respected and highly rated insurance carriers requires you to be on top of the market.

We make the process easy by providing an online Quote Request form that you can complete and we will help you determine the best product to fit this specific client’s needs. We also provide Online Apps for most of our CI plans and many of our DI plans.

In 2006, The Chittendens became the Arizona partner of The Plus Group, a National Organization dedicated to promoting and writing both Disability and Long Term Care Insurance. Visit our Plus Group tab for a wealth of information, education, and other resources.

At The Chittendens our job is to make your job easier by providing support and expertise.