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Annuities are a fundamental instrument for safe asset accumulation and lifetime distribution. During the accumulation phase, annuities can guarantee the growth of the assets at either a predetermined interest rate or a flexible interest rate over time with no threat of ever losing any money. During the distribution phase annuities can guarantee an income stream for a set number of years or for a lifetime. Income that can not be outlived.

Our annuity department handles both Indexed and Non-Indexed Fixed Annuities. We do not handle Variable Annuities. We use top rated carriers and promote consumer friendly products. In our view, annuities should be used as a safe anchor investment to guarantee conservative growth or to guarantee an income stream for a guaranteed period of time.

If you are looking for a competitive quote for your client then complete the annuity quote form and we will shop the market for you and your client to provide the very best products.

At The Chittendens our job is to make your job easier by providing support and expertise.